Saturday, January 23, 2010

what a difference a day makes





today I see eyes !! not all the way open but they have eyes :-) plus they are actually walking. in less then 24 hours they became puppies. Their ears are getting bigger and I can notice them reacting to some noises.
The pups are so funny. If I tickle their necks it looks like they are laughing. they do it everytime. Stick their tongues out and look like they are laughing. You can see it in the picture

Heidi and Kramer are so fascinated with the pups. They uses a visit from Auntie Marilyn as an excuse to sit in her lap and get closer to the pups lol. All the dogs tried to sit in Marilyns lap at the same time to get closer to the pups. Emma is very excited about her new brothers and sisters and wanted to lick them but mom said NO so Emma left and laid on my bed !! What a suck.

Another week and I can sleep in my own bed oh I am looking forward to that !! Oh ya Sushi is so silly she kept sneaking over the side of the box to watch the puppies
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Emma Rose said...

Great pictures. It is hard to imagine those little puppies are going to be giant dogs! What a wonderful family :)

Brenda's Arizona said...

How do two of these dogs fit into a person's lap?
I thought your photos yesterday were delightful, but these have me leaning closer... looking at eyes and ears and ANXIOUS for the nexr set of photos. You have us hooked!