Friday, December 31, 2010

puppies outside and look what we saw





The pups have gone on the back deck but today 3 of them wanted out the side door. The other 2 were asleep so I let the 3 out. The ducks were up by the house because they like to come up for a snack of cat food. These ducks were hatched late September so still quite young. Their mom is still with them and wont take any crap from anyone. The pups thought they were pretty interesting. As you can see they certainly got the hint when momma duck said close enough. Can you imagine what was going through their pretty little heads. Sadly they were not hesitant outside which meant chasing them everywhere. Will be easier keeping them in the back yard with a fence lol

Enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year to everyone who has enjoyed my blog. Thank you for following it does mean a lot
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emma's OFA results


I am so thrilled to have gotten Emma's OFA hip results yesterday. Heronviews Exotic Dancer AKA Emma was given an excellent rating for hips. Certainly give testament of good breeding and the raw diet. Emma is second generation Heronview. Her mom Heronviews Dirty Dancer AKA Sadie is also my breeding.

Emma has passed all her health tests and has her Canadian Championship. She was only shown a few times as a pup and was number 5 Leonberger in Canada with an invitation to the Eukanuba National in California. We of course never went to CA as it is a little far

Pretty proud of my little girl. We will be breeding Emma to Kramer on her next heat cycle
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Monday, December 27, 2010

more just being cute





The pups are little dogs now. So fun and love to play. They also love to chew on you and yep those teeth are very very sharp !!

Yes one of them is chewing on a chicken foot. They are great chew treats for them. They love that they can pick them up and carry them around.

Look at how much of a big baby daddy Kramer is. He is never going to grow up and that makes me very happy. I hope we have some permament pups in this group. Little blue boy is certainly a smarty pants. He has figured out to push the big ball around. He also loves to climb all over Savannah and chew on her. Such a cutie.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

how adorable are we





The pups are so tired after all the Christmas fun lol.Everyone playing with them. Today they were just as playful. i will upload more christmasy pictures of them later today. I hope everyone had a special Christmas. To all the future parents of these pups. Dont worry after today I will upload lots and lots of pictures. It has been a trying month. The renos , the store and Christmas has sucked up anytime I had. So back to normal tomorrow :-)
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010





Pups are 4 weeks old. The time is going by so fast. They are all doing well. It has been hard to keep up with the blog with everything going on around here. Major renovations really cramp your style ! No official puppy pictures because there was no place to take them properly. This week will be tough because of Christmas. Which means bombarding everyone with pictures after the holidays !
They are so funny now. Really little dogs. Brave and adventurous. They dont think the puppy room is big enough for them anymore. So prefer to join us in the family room. They come out run around then crash all over. They have chosen to sleep on the cool tile floors instead of all the blankets I keep for them. Silly puppies. If we have some nice weather next week I will let them go outside. That should be fun !
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

3-4 week old pups





They are now landsharks in practice. Their teeth are coming in and they want to mouth you. Does not hurt now. Give it another week or two and it will be official. They will graduate to landsharks. I dont like laying on the floor so much with them then.

They are growing and changing so much every day. Their personalities are really starting to show now. They weigh from 3lbs !! Yay blue boy has been really growing now. To 7 lbs.

They are eating more variety now. They have had boneless chicken and chicken with bone , turkey , beef , lamb ,duck and tripe. They had chicken necks today to chew on. They mostly lick them and chew on them a bit. No real meal for them yet.

with the renovations we never set up the whelping box hoping that the reno's would be done before they were running around lol. Well they want to go down the hall and anywhere they can. They will be moving downstairs to the puppy room tomorrow. I have them in Eddie's bedroom now. I am still sleeping their room. After they move I will go back to my bed. Thank goodness they play and whine to much during the night !!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are now meat eaters and lovin it !





Well who would not love a meal of Chicken , tripe and goats milk !! They love it ad left nothing for mom. Well I guess in a way they did. They wore it and she cleaned them. I think she got a full meal. Afterwards they are so full they curl up and moan for awhile. Then sleep. Pigs not dogs is what they are. Enjoy the pictures I have a video uploading as I write. I will include it also
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

We have eyes





The pups are 2 weeks old today. I can see the glimmer of an eye. By Monday all eyes will be open. Now the fun begins :-) They are so much more mobile in just the last couple of days.

Here are a few pictures. If you look close you can see the eyes slightly open. They really all have such different personalities. You might think that their personalities don't show up so soon but they do. Enjoy the pictures. Hopefully they wont all be of their butts or sleeping from now on
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Puppy and kitten





I love the picture of little blue boy and my kitty. The kitten is totally enthralled with the pups. I have been supplementing blue boy and he sits and watches him eat. He has batted at his tail :-) I put him down and blue boy crawled over and right onto him negwan ( dont ask my son named him ) rolled over purring. He looked so happy to cuddle.

I saw the glint of an eye last night. Their eyes will be open before the weekend is finished. Man that was a fast 2 weeks
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Puppies 11 days

As you can see from the pictures the pups are growing and thriving. Little blue boy is still tiny but he is fiesty. I am still supplementing him with a goats milk mixture and he loves it. Sadie is such a wonderful mom and wants to clean them all the time.

The other dogs want so much to be with them but all Sadie needs to do is give them a look and they all back up lol. Keep looking back and I will keep posting pictures
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