Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yummy Chicken feet





As you can see the pups are loving their snack of chicken feet.All of my dogs are raw fed. This also includes the puppies. They eat everything the adults eat. We also give the raw goats milk. This includes the homemade kefir I make for them from it. They love their food and I love that they dont smell and their poops are tiny little tootsie rolls :-)

We feel that natural nutritions is the best way to raise any animal. Afterall Dogs are carnivores and do not need grains in their diet.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

pups 6 weeks





Ok they are now officially land sharks and working their way up to ankle biters !! OUCH !! They love love being outside playing in the snow. They have no fear of the big dogs and try and join in their play too.
I am so impressed at how easy these guys are to house break. They mostly go outside or on the paper. Hardley anything at all to clean up. Then again being raw fed puppies they have nice little tootsie roll poops :-)
They eat well and have done great on everything. They have had chicken , turkey, lamb , beef , duck, tripe and tongue . Plus much more. Next wednesday they will have their tattoos done. Sadly they are getting older and I only have 2 more weeks to enjoy my little furballs.

Today all 4 came over to my store. The customers loved them and I spent most of the time taking things out of their mouth lol. They played then crashed !!

SO many pictures again this week so have put them in an album. Enjoy

Sadies pups 6 weeks 2010

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

video of pups playing in the new snow this morning

The puppies had a blast running and running in the snow. They tried to keep up with the big dogs too :-) The big dogs can play pretty rough and were excellent around the babies. I took lots of pictures to

We are 5 weeks

I missed a whole week of pictures. I was so busy getting ready for a pet trade show and had a booth for my raw pet food store. So something had to give and it was the blog :-) This past week the pups have grown and also gotten very active. They are going outside and playing with the big dogs too. I am having so much fun with them. They like to chew on you so we are in the land shark stage !! They are wonderful at using the newspapers and not making mistakes all over. I took lots of pictures and uoloaded them to an album. I hope you enjoy the pictures

sadies pups 5 weeks 2010

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my wonderful feisty four

Look at these little monsters. they just keep growing. They are so much fun now. They run around and play and wrestle with each other. The growling and wrestling is so funny. They play with the big dogs and of course they let the pups win. They have had a lot of visitors and I am checking pockets and purses to make sure no pups are leaving :-)
This morning when I let the big dogs out the little ones followed and went outside too lol. They looked at the snow and I expected them to hightail it back inside. Nope they wanted to explore and eat some snow.
They are such sweet cuddly pups. Blue is the one who wants to kiss my face all the time he is also pretty brazen and just has to get into everything. Green boy is such a clown and so cuddly. He likes to lay in your arms like a baby. Having his belly rubbed while he is in your arms is a favorite of his. Red girl is funny and very vocal. She lets you know how she is feeling. She likes being picked up and gets quite annoyed if you do not pick her up the moment she asks. then she has to lick your face !! Fushia girl is the clown of the bunch. She is the one who grabs the toys and runs with them. She is the one who has tried to climb on Kramers mouth. She is also very vocal. She cries and whines when she is trying to go to sleep. I think she is fighting sleep and gets annoyed that she cant. All 4 of the pups are super cuddly and maybe just maybe I am spoiling them with so much time and attention. Hey they are only this little for such a short time . Why the heck not !!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Petpalooza come and have fun

Petpalooza is a Pet Trade show.  There will be lots of vendors and also demonstrations throughout the day.  I will be having a booth there for Heronview Raw and Natural.  We will have lots of yummy dehydrated treats and toys plus information on raw food and hopefully answer all your questions and help with your concerns.  Best of all entrance is free and it is for a good cause. To raise money to build a new Animal shelter in Pickering.  Please drop by and say Hi if you go.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

darn it cut off my pictures again





Please look at the next post for more of the update. It cuts me off at 4 pictures when sent from Picasa
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As you can see some are more co operative then others lol. I will send the out takes also . I think the pups look great. Then again I am their human mom !!

The pups are very busy and like to play with the big dogs. They run around my house like they own it !1 They are pretty good already at using the newspaper. They love their meals and have had lots of different things. They really like chunks of meat now instead of always ground. they even liked the fish. They are still nursing from mom too but if they keep biting her I think that will stop soon !! Ouch

If the weather stays ok I will let them go outside for a few minutes next week. Best of all they are still cuddly and dont bite to hard. That will change as their jaws get stronger. Then they will be true landsharks
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Kramer vs the pup. The pup won !!

Sorry for the picture quality but they were moving so much it was hard to focus. Besides I was laughing so hard. Kramer is an amazing gentle boy. Look how she puts her entire mouth in his and he is so so gentle. I swear she though she was the tough one.

Here is a video too

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Monday, February 8, 2010

puppy pictures What else

I have been so busy the past few days no time to blog. I have taken lots and lots of pictures though :-) I will put more of them in the pups photo album and send the link. They are now puppies. playing and barking and growling lol. I have a couple more videos to send too. So just enjoy the pictures and I will write more of the fun and crazy things these kids are getting into
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Puppies getting their first piece of meat

Sadie thought I was taking to long to give these guys something to eat. So she brought in some of her heart and gave it to the pups. As you will see they were VERY interested . I got the message and started them on Goats milk pablum tonight. I will start adding ground chicken or beef in a couple of days.
Turn the sound up they are pretty funny

Thursday, February 4, 2010

finally !! pups 3 week pictures





So much going on here this week I could not find the time to download the pictures of the pups then upload them :-)
The pictures were taken at 3 weeks and even a couple of days later they have changed so much. Today Sadie took a piece of heart she was eating and gave it to the pups. they went crazy. I think that was a hint to feed them. Although I would usually start them with goats milk :-)

So tonight they will have some goats milk to start. They have teeth now and it wont be long until they actually bite with them !! I have a video and some pictures of them eating the heart. Well not really eating but they are trying to eat it :-)

They play now and growl and bite each other. Using the news paper in the whelping box is getting more frequent. They know me and want to sleep in my arms or my lap . It is so nice :-) Enjoy the pictures and I will try and get more of the pictures in my online Picasa album
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