Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sadie is such a wonderful girl. She has listened to me so far. I asked her nicely to wait until after the store was closed for the week :-) She did. She is being very quiet and is sleeping a lot. For some reason I was sure tomorrow was her due date. Jan (Monty's Mom) called me today to let me know that the pregnancy calendar had her due on Thursday the 14th !! So if that is the case we are due next Thursday. I hope she has them sooner would make it much easier for me time wise :-) I dont think I get the option though.

Sadie looks like she is about to pop though. She would make a dairy farmer very happy. This is where talking about nipples is ok lol. They are huge and I wonder how the pups will manage .

No new pictures yet but maybe I will take a picture of her in the morning.

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Emma Rose said...

We are excited for the new arrivals. Hope all goes well. How many do you think she will have?

Emma Rose