Monday, November 29, 2010

Puppies are 1 week




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The pups are now a week old. It was a long week trying to get the little guy to a safe weight. He is almost 1 lb now and a feisty little boy. He leaves his mom and crawls over to where I sleep looking for me. I am the one who feeds him inbetween. He likes the goat milk mixture lol

Enjoy the video I thought it was cute
video of pup

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We have puppies !!





Announcing the puppies of Sadie and Kramer.

Sadie had 7 little leolettes last Friday. We have had a bit of a rough beginning and have lost 2 of the babies. I still have 2 very tiny pups. One is 1/2 lb and one almost 3/4. Considering my puppies range from 1lb - 1 1/2 lbs at birth this is small. The little guy dropped to 1/4 lf a pound but is back up to 1/2 lb now. I have been monitoring their weight and making sure they do not become cold or dehydrated. I have been supplementing mom with some homemade formula . I am not using a bottle as for me they take so long and I dont have good luck with them. The pups seem to be able to choke easier
I have been tubing him. I put a very small tube into his belly. Gets right in and no choking.

Mom is doing great and as usual a fantastic mom. Kramer cant understand why he cant be in the whelping room all he wants to do is sniff and lick them

So watch for lots more puppy stories and lots of pictures
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sadie has her Championship




Sunday October 31 I took 3 of the pooches ( Kramer, Sadie and Emma) to the Trillium dog show in Lindsay. Sadie took winners bith and finished her CH. It was a long time coming as I only showed sadie a handful of times and she won her classes almost every time. She was only beat in the ring by her daughter Emma and I think once by Heidi. She has won over CH males and been in some big classes earning her 3 points at a time. But having puppies would keep her out of the ring for several months at a time. I am happy to say she is now Champion Heronviews Dirty Dancer. But she has always been a Champion in my heart

Kramers Birthday was on Saturday October 30th. I could not take pictures because my camera died and I could not find my battery charger. I had my friend take pictures on Sunday of Kramer. Only got a couple but he is such a sweet handsome boy

Happy birthday Kramer
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