Thursday, January 21, 2010

more pictures and puppy update





I had written a nice long post yesterday along with the pictures but it would not upload so lost all I had written !!
The pups are getting bigger and are 2lbs now. Today I was laying with the pups and noticed a shimmer. I looked closer and pink girls has a tiny slit in her eyelids. Her eyes are openeing !! Oh this is just going to go to fast for me !!

Their nails were getting do sharp and I am sure it did not feel good to Sadie. So I ground their nails today. I use a dremel. It was a lot easier then trying to use nail clippers.

I take a lot of pictures but can only put 4 photos at a time on my blog. So am including a link to the online album with more pictures. I will keep uploading to the album but will include the link each time on here.

You will see pictures of Kramer and Heidi with a pup too in these pictures. They look shocked lol. Kramer was so gentle with the pup.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the little updates. I love sharing how wonderful it is to have these little babies here
Sadies x Monty puppies 2010

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