Monday, May 31, 2010

Some people

I hate writing this but seeing as certain people on this planet have nothing better to do then try and hurt other people I have to .

There are 3 woman who for whatever reason have a problem. I am not going to say with me because I have nothing to do with them just that we have the same breed of dogs. They are sending around a letter with 1/2 truths and outright slander. I will be addressing this with the CKC and legally

I am not sure whether I should be concerned or flattered that they have felt it necassary to keep and find information about me that spans about 10 years. From twisting my methods for helping someone to accusing me of stealing money !! If anyone sees this letter and has any questions please contact me. I have nothing to hide and honestly no time in my life ( anyone who follows my blog with know that ) To bother anyone else or for that matter have time for all the injustices I am accused of :-) So although I will not be replying to the BS letters I want anyone to know nothing is off topic to write to me about