Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pups day 4





Cant you just smell the puppy breath !! I love the shot of blue boy and how the shadows make him look freaky lol. Dont tell my son I actually got him in these pictures . He was calling the cat who was stupid enough to come. Sadie was giving him THE LOOK but he chose to ignore it. As you can see she really only has a look and nothing to back it up :-)

The pups are so content now and roly poly they are just cute chubby kids. Nnotice I never said snuggly. They have one thing on their mind and it is not being cuddled. Food food and more food :-)
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Brenda's Arizona said...

Puppy breathe is the best! It is hard to believe these hand size pups will be so BIG! Congratulations to Sadie and to you.