Friday, January 22, 2010

A mothers love





I thought these pictures were so sweet. Seemed today they started to get their sea legs and were wobbling around. So Sadie was face to face with them and was so gentle and loving I had to take a few pictures.
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Katherine Taylor said...


Heather (aka Mum) said...

It was awesome meeting you & your four-legged babies over the holidays! Since our return to the Yukon, I've been Leo-obsessed! My Hubby is even convienced that There is room for a few of these gentle giants in our lives :)

Sorry to hear about the loss of one of the puppies....Sean I know that having a kennel can be as heart breaking as it is rewarding!

Today was a beautiful -20 & I visited 3 of my dogs that are staying with friends this winter, running with tourists...they were running down the rail past me as I hiked up to the house with the twins in tow...the dogs looked fantastic & were happy to see almost jumped off the trail to greet me :)

A lengthy comment, I know :) I'll have a blast watching your puppies grow through your blog...& PLEASE snuggle Kramer for me (Oh I love that dog!!) All the while dreaming of my future Leo !!!!!

Heather (Sean, Adelaide & Sarah)

Sarah Anderson said...

These pics are SO CUTE!!!!!!! And we have that same sheet, lol :)