Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heronview Leonbergers Red girl 2 weeks





Seeing as I can only upload 4 pictures for each blog and I only have 4 pups. I am doing one section for each pup. I will have 4 pictures and a video of each of the puppies. I will also add more pictures to my picasa web album.

Red girl is 3 lbs at 2 weeks. She is the quietest and most snuggly right now, Although last night she was making lots of noises. Growling and little baby barks. They are trying out their voices. When everyone is scrambling to get to mom she will still be sleeping then will stretch and groan and THEN realize she might miss out on something and then wants to eat NOW lol. Everyday is an adventure and brings something new. I just love sitting in the whelping box watching them and of course snuggling with them. I will enjoy it now before they have teeth !!

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Brenda's Arizona said...

Whether one photo or four, they are each delightful to see and watch AND read about. How much fun you are having!!!

Emma Rose said...

They are all adorable. I am curious why you are only able to upload 4 photos. I can load 4 to the blog post then click on the "add photo" button again and add 4 more (after the first 4 appear in the post). I can do this over and over. Have you reported the problem to Blogger?

The Duchess