Saturday, January 30, 2010

pups are interacting more





Every day the pups are doing more and more. In this picture blue boy is playing with moms ear. They are now looking for somewhere to go to the bathroom. I have wee wee pads down and they do go there sometimes. I was haooy to see twice now they crawled over to me to cuddle and are looking at me and licking my face and chewing on my nose. So so cute. I have more videos to upload and will get to it. Enjoy
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heronview Leonbergers Red girl 2 weeks





Seeing as I can only upload 4 pictures for each blog and I only have 4 pups. I am doing one section for each pup. I will have 4 pictures and a video of each of the puppies. I will also add more pictures to my picasa web album.

Red girl is 3 lbs at 2 weeks. She is the quietest and most snuggly right now, Although last night she was making lots of noises. Growling and little baby barks. They are trying out their voices. When everyone is scrambling to get to mom she will still be sleeping then will stretch and groan and THEN realize she might miss out on something and then wants to eat NOW lol. Everyday is an adventure and brings something new. I just love sitting in the whelping box watching them and of course snuggling with them. I will enjoy it now before they have teeth !!

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Blue boy





Blue boy is another cuddle bug. I guess they all are. Well they have no choices :-) I hold them and tickle them and kiss them all day. It is so cute how they crawl over to me and sleep next to me now.He is a big boy @ 3lb. Blue boy was up close and personal with Kramer and Emma while i was taking pictures. I will upload more to the puppies albums as well as the ones in this blog.

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Greenboy 2 weeks





Green boy is active and bust looking for more food. Then off to sleep only to wake up and do it all over again. His eyes are open and he is very cuddly. He is so sweet when he lets me cuddle him. Green boy weighs 2 3/4 pounds at 2 weeks

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Fushia girl 2 weeks

Fushia girl is a vocal and if she wants to eat and Sadie is not there when she wakes up we all know it !! Her eyes are open and she is starting to interact. Yesterday she crawled over to me and cuddled. I picked her up and she actually was trying to play. She nibbled on my finger and on her paws. She was so cute. She weighs 2 3/4 lb at 2 weeks
Here is a video of her.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Some cute pictures





just a few random shots. I cant believe how big they are getting. They walk around and their eyes are open. Sadly they can poo and pee without any help from mom :-( She keeps everything clean still but I know the time will be coming where my real work begins soon. Cleaning poop and feeding them repeat.

The babies are 2 weeks old today. Tomorrow I will get their 2 week pictures organized and loaded. I think you will be amazed at the change in all of them from last week. Weights are good all around the 3lb mark now
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

what a difference a day makes





today I see eyes !! not all the way open but they have eyes :-) plus they are actually walking. in less then 24 hours they became puppies. Their ears are getting bigger and I can notice them reacting to some noises.
The pups are so funny. If I tickle their necks it looks like they are laughing. they do it everytime. Stick their tongues out and look like they are laughing. You can see it in the picture

Heidi and Kramer are so fascinated with the pups. They uses a visit from Auntie Marilyn as an excuse to sit in her lap and get closer to the pups lol. All the dogs tried to sit in Marilyns lap at the same time to get closer to the pups. Emma is very excited about her new brothers and sisters and wanted to lick them but mom said NO so Emma left and laid on my bed !! What a suck.

Another week and I can sleep in my own bed oh I am looking forward to that !! Oh ya Sushi is so silly she kept sneaking over the side of the box to watch the puppies
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Friday, January 22, 2010

A mothers love





I thought these pictures were so sweet. Seemed today they started to get their sea legs and were wobbling around. So Sadie was face to face with them and was so gentle and loving I had to take a few pictures.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

more pictures and puppy update





I had written a nice long post yesterday along with the pictures but it would not upload so lost all I had written !!
The pups are getting bigger and are 2lbs now. Today I was laying with the pups and noticed a shimmer. I looked closer and pink girls has a tiny slit in her eyelids. Her eyes are openeing !! Oh this is just going to go to fast for me !!

Their nails were getting do sharp and I am sure it did not feel good to Sadie. So I ground their nails today. I use a dremel. It was a lot easier then trying to use nail clippers.

I take a lot of pictures but can only put 4 photos at a time on my blog. So am including a link to the online album with more pictures. I will keep uploading to the album but will include the link each time on here.

You will see pictures of Kramer and Heidi with a pup too in these pictures. They look shocked lol. Kramer was so gentle with the pup.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the little updates. I love sharing how wonderful it is to have these little babies here
Sadies x Monty puppies 2010

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A video of the pups will happy milk tail

I took a video of the pups tails straight. This happens when they are nursing

1 week pictures




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