Saturday, March 27, 2010

and one more of kramer


1/2 asleep from sucking on his toy. Droopy eyes and all lol
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rest of yesterdays pictures





I forgot that only 4 pictures upload when I upload from picasa. So here are the rest from yesterday.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

catching up





Wow it seems as the pups got older the less time I had to blog. :-) I took so many pictures of them being cute that I could not chose just a few to show off so now I have so many. I will upload them to an album and share. Yes they were cute when very young but nothig is as cute as 7 and 8 week old Leonberger pups !! All but one puppy has gone to their new homes. From the updates I have gotten they are settling in well and being very loved !! At 8 weeks they ranged from 20 lbs for little fushia girl to 24 pounds for the other 3. Tomorrow Red girl goes to her home and we will be sad to have no babies to play with. She is 36 pounds now the little bruiser. I am including some pictures of her

She looks sweet but as you will see is a little pest. She torments the big dogs who are saints to put up with her antics. Her favorite thing to do is play tug of was with their tails. We are always pulling hair out of her mouth lol. Enjoy the few pictures and I will also try and keep up
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