Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yummy Chicken feet





As you can see the pups are loving their snack of chicken feet.All of my dogs are raw fed. This also includes the puppies. They eat everything the adults eat. We also give the raw goats milk. This includes the homemade kefir I make for them from it. They love their food and I love that they dont smell and their poops are tiny little tootsie rolls :-)

We feel that natural nutritions is the best way to raise any animal. Afterall Dogs are carnivores and do not need grains in their diet.
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Emma Rose said...

We have still not made the plunge into raw feeding. I am getting close. My biggest worry is that 2 of our dogs gulp their food without really chewing it. So I have read we will have to feed them by hand until they learn to chew. I think that's what is holding me back.
I really enjoy your blog. Your dogs and puppies are fabulous!

The Duchess