Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 weeks today and trying to eat moms meat !!!





This has been a big week for the little ones. They can see now and hear too. They recognize me and get very excited when I come to sit with them. Crawl in my lap and go to sleep. They like me to pick them up but want to lick my face a lot :-) I can feel teeth coming through now and it wont be long before Sadie does not want to be with them all the time.

A big change is they can pee and poo on thier own and are looking for a place to go. So I have wee wee pads and newspapers at one side of the whelping box. They do go and use them . Sometimes :-) They are trying out their voices and bark and growl while playing with each other. That is so funny to watch. They go to attack each other and it is a delayed reaction lol. The other pup is usually gone before the attack actually happens.

So wondering if I should start them on my goat milk mixture or leave it for 4 weeks because there are only 4 pups. Well as you can see Blue boy is ready to move onto meat !! He also got a taste of Sadies desert. Frozen fruit, She loves frozen fruit. Peaches,pinapple etc, So I throw a handful in with her dinner.

now the real work begins. Feeding and cleaning poop. Guess what I will be doing for the next few weeks.!!!
Tomorrow I will post their 3 week pictures. I have also uploaded several new pictures into their online album
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Emma Rose said...

How wonderful that they are coming to you now. We have been doing research on feeding raw and still have not taken the plunge. I did, however, buy a "roll" of ground raw chicken and the dogs loved it. I am hoping to learn enough to get started on raw soon. I was surprised at first to see the puppies going for it. But then I thought of course it is the natural diet for them, so why wouldn't they? LOL.

Thanks for all the great pictures!