Thursday, February 4, 2010

finally !! pups 3 week pictures





So much going on here this week I could not find the time to download the pictures of the pups then upload them :-)
The pictures were taken at 3 weeks and even a couple of days later they have changed so much. Today Sadie took a piece of heart she was eating and gave it to the pups. they went crazy. I think that was a hint to feed them. Although I would usually start them with goats milk :-)

So tonight they will have some goats milk to start. They have teeth now and it wont be long until they actually bite with them !! I have a video and some pictures of them eating the heart. Well not really eating but they are trying to eat it :-)

They play now and growl and bite each other. Using the news paper in the whelping box is getting more frequent. They know me and want to sleep in my arms or my lap . It is so nice :-) Enjoy the pictures and I will try and get more of the pictures in my online Picasa album
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Emma Rose said...

Oh my gosh! They are so darling! Their faces are just adorable with their eyes open wide :)