Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Heidi



Happy Birthday Heidi.

Heidi is my goofy girl. She is always up for a game of spit head and body slam. This girl plays hard and can make most of the boys run behind mom for a break lol. She talks and sings and just has too much to say lol. She loves to sit in your lap ok she takes over your body .

Heidi loves everyone. She has not met any animal or human she does not like. If another dogs growls at her she tries harder to be friends. She is so silly

Thank you to Rahel at Lowengarten Leonbergers in Germany for not only breeding such a beautiful girl but for trusting me to have her. Also to Tone for helping me find such a gorgeous Leo girl :-)
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Emma Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Heidi. She is gorgeous!