Friday, February 26, 2010

pups 6 weeks





Ok they are now officially land sharks and working their way up to ankle biters !! OUCH !! They love love being outside playing in the snow. They have no fear of the big dogs and try and join in their play too.
I am so impressed at how easy these guys are to house break. They mostly go outside or on the paper. Hardley anything at all to clean up. Then again being raw fed puppies they have nice little tootsie roll poops :-)
They eat well and have done great on everything. They have had chicken , turkey, lamb , beef , duck, tripe and tongue . Plus much more. Next wednesday they will have their tattoos done. Sadly they are getting older and I only have 2 more weeks to enjoy my little furballs.

Today all 4 came over to my store. The customers loved them and I spent most of the time taking things out of their mouth lol. They played then crashed !!

SO many pictures again this week so have put them in an album. Enjoy

Sadies pups 6 weeks 2010

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Emma Rose said...

They are growing so fast. I can't believe you only have them for two more weeks. Time flies!
We enjoyed your photo album too!