Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my wonderful feisty four

Look at these little monsters. they just keep growing. They are so much fun now. They run around and play and wrestle with each other. The growling and wrestling is so funny. They play with the big dogs and of course they let the pups win. They have had a lot of visitors and I am checking pockets and purses to make sure no pups are leaving :-)
This morning when I let the big dogs out the little ones followed and went outside too lol. They looked at the snow and I expected them to hightail it back inside. Nope they wanted to explore and eat some snow.
They are such sweet cuddly pups. Blue is the one who wants to kiss my face all the time he is also pretty brazen and just has to get into everything. Green boy is such a clown and so cuddly. He likes to lay in your arms like a baby. Having his belly rubbed while he is in your arms is a favorite of his. Red girl is funny and very vocal. She lets you know how she is feeling. She likes being picked up and gets quite annoyed if you do not pick her up the moment she asks. then she has to lick your face !! Fushia girl is the clown of the bunch. She is the one who grabs the toys and runs with them. She is the one who has tried to climb on Kramers mouth. She is also very vocal. She cries and whines when she is trying to go to sleep. I think she is fighting sleep and gets annoyed that she cant. All 4 of the pups are super cuddly and maybe just maybe I am spoiling them with so much time and attention. Hey they are only this little for such a short time . Why the heck not !!
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Emma Rose said...

I can hardly stand it! They are so adorable. I can just imagine how much fun they are to watch :)