Thursday, November 13, 2008

We are 1 week old !!!

Happy 1 week birthday to the squirmy 6. Thank you to everyone who wrote about our little green boy. I also want to make it known we had 2 greens. A dark green and Lime green. So when you see pictures of Lime boy just know he is all right.

The pups are really growing now and are moving about a bit :-) They weigh from 1 3/4 lb to 2.4 lbs. They already are starting to show a bit of personality and will wiggle over to me and try and climb in my lap when I sit with them. Of course they think I have food and latch onto anything they can. They have favorite nipples and it seems they all want the same ones. Poor Sadie. She is a fantastic mom and washes every inch of them several times a day. Yes they complain about that!

Here is a video of the furkids. Not to exciting they are eating but it is nice to hear them

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