Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And then there were 6

I am heart broken to say good bye to my little green boy. Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of a puppy with a high pitched cry. I knew that cry was not good. I found who it was and it was little green boy. He was fine at 4am but at 5 am he was in pain. His tummy was hard so I figured he was a little colicky and gave him some fennel tea.It is good at dispelling gas. I also gave him some coconut oil as that is instant nutrition with no digesting needed. Nutrition and energy he was going to need. I gave him some rescue remedy to calm him down also. He lay on me as I rubbed his back. He finally calmed down and the swelling seemed to go down a bit. He was starving and I thought a little dehydrated too. So I made him a bottle of goats milk with pedialyte. He drank it like he was on the Saraha desert. I made sure not to give him to much. Then his tummy swelled again and he screamed and cried. Time for the vet. We went to the vet who is experienced with neonatal pups and they gave him a stool softner and Sub Q fluids. He pooped and then seemed to finally relax. I took home some more stool softener and some ringers solution to inject in a couple of hours.

He was in so much pain that I laid down with him under my shirt all day. He liked that and every once i awhile would cry so we would go and try and get him to poop again. He did a couple of times. Now he was getting tired and a pup this young can go down hill so fast. I called the vet again worried that he was not getting any nutrition. I went in to the vets to pick up a bag of Ringers solution in case he dehydrated again during the night. His temperture had dropped so much at this point you could not get it to register on the thermomitor. He was warmed up until it came up. We gave him more fluids and tube fed him. I brought him home and was going to feed him by tube every 2 hours and give him fluids every 4 hrs.

Well the little muchkin died a couple of hours after I brought him home last night. Poor baby never made it to his 1 week birthday. Sadie was so sad and licked and licked him like she was trying so hard to wake him up. Just broke my heart. She had me up every 1/2 hour to go outside. I think she thought he was out there. Today we all just laid low and Im played with the babies and snuggled them. I took more pictures too. I just wanted some time with Sadie and the pups.

Even though he was so young and so tiny he made a big impression in my heart and I am sad for who he will never be


karin said...

Oh Lori
I am so sorry. Oh I feel terrible. Poor Sadie. I know you are heartbroken. I know you are..

karin said...
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Lynda said...

Lori, I'm so very sorry for the loss of this little puppy. I am very sad for you, my dear!


Anonymous said...

really really sorry to hear, having been there and seen sadie Suzi and I were very sad to hear