Monday, November 24, 2008

a big day for the pups

Today the pups tasted real food. I fed Sadie a bowl full of cut up beef tongue. The pups smelled the meat and went crazy. One climed in her bowl and started sucking on the meat. He then took it out and was happily sucking on the chunk of meat. The others were joining him. Sadie said thank you very much that is mine as she plucked it out of their mouth. So I thought ok lets try some rice pablum and goats milk. I feed them individualy for a few days to start. It cuts down on the mess. They got messy enough and Sadie enjoyed licking it off of them :-) I took a few pictures and in the end they passed out and looked so content

I also did a video of Pink girl trying to play with Sadie.

pups first food November 24

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