Monday, December 27, 2010

more just being cute





The pups are little dogs now. So fun and love to play. They also love to chew on you and yep those teeth are very very sharp !!

Yes one of them is chewing on a chicken foot. They are great chew treats for them. They love that they can pick them up and carry them around.

Look at how much of a big baby daddy Kramer is. He is never going to grow up and that makes me very happy. I hope we have some permament pups in this group. Little blue boy is certainly a smarty pants. He has figured out to push the big ball around. He also loves to climb all over Savannah and chew on her. Such a cutie.
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Anonymous said...

I am still searching for a Leo Pup - or a Leo Big Girl or Big Boy from a rescue...haven't had success...can you provide me info on the pups, price...or a rescue place for a Big Girl or Big can e-mail me @

Thanks, so much!