Friday, December 31, 2010

puppies outside and look what we saw





The pups have gone on the back deck but today 3 of them wanted out the side door. The other 2 were asleep so I let the 3 out. The ducks were up by the house because they like to come up for a snack of cat food. These ducks were hatched late September so still quite young. Their mom is still with them and wont take any crap from anyone. The pups thought they were pretty interesting. As you can see they certainly got the hint when momma duck said close enough. Can you imagine what was going through their pretty little heads. Sadly they were not hesitant outside which meant chasing them everywhere. Will be easier keeping them in the back yard with a fence lol

Enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year to everyone who has enjoyed my blog. Thank you for following it does mean a lot
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