Sunday, December 19, 2010

3-4 week old pups





They are now landsharks in practice. Their teeth are coming in and they want to mouth you. Does not hurt now. Give it another week or two and it will be official. They will graduate to landsharks. I dont like laying on the floor so much with them then.

They are growing and changing so much every day. Their personalities are really starting to show now. They weigh from 3lbs !! Yay blue boy has been really growing now. To 7 lbs.

They are eating more variety now. They have had boneless chicken and chicken with bone , turkey , beef , lamb ,duck and tripe. They had chicken necks today to chew on. They mostly lick them and chew on them a bit. No real meal for them yet.

with the renovations we never set up the whelping box hoping that the reno's would be done before they were running around lol. Well they want to go down the hall and anywhere they can. They will be moving downstairs to the puppy room tomorrow. I have them in Eddie's bedroom now. I am still sleeping their room. After they move I will go back to my bed. Thank goodness they play and whine to much during the night !!
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