Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thursday and Friday of Sadies Breeding

Thursday morning I had Sadies blood drawn again. She had ovulated and was at 39. Another breeding was recommended. Groan I lvoe visiting Jan but another day of driving was not something I looked forward do or was going to be easy seeing as my store was open on Friday.

Sadie was crazy Thursday night and was whining and mounting the other girls. What a tart,
My friend Marilyn took Sadie to Lucan for me on Friday. I am blessed with some fantastic friends !!!

Poor Marilyn got lost and had a scenic drive to Jan's :-) She got there and they had another breeding and both of the dogs were more excited. So hopefully that is a good sign.

Now comes the hard part WAITING !!! So please cross everything for a pregnant dog :-)


Eija said...

Great news! I wish all the best for this breedingplan and I'll keep my fingers (and also my toes, if necessary) up for this combination!
Eija & Monty's daddy-Ruben

arnie said...

Lori. you are a wonderful caring breeder..keeping everything crossed.

arnie said...
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