Sunday, September 7, 2008

our breeding adventure with Sadie Day 1

Monday september 1 we left to drive to Lucan Ontario for Sadie to meet with Monty. It was a beautiful sunny day for a drive. Lucan is about 2 1/2 hours from home. Ed and I enjoyed the drive and chatted all the way. When we got to Straford Ed stopped at the Tim hortons for a coffee. Well there he asked 2 young guys directions to make sure we were going the right way. Yes I know he is a guy and was nto lost and still asked for directions. pretty good dont you think !!

These guys were so nice and were talking to us and giving us a short cut. When one of them said your rear tire looks bad. Ed said I know I need to get a new one. He said no it is really bad. Well it turns out this young guy (dont know his name ) works for a large tire company :-) Because seriously who looks at other peoples tires that closely. He showed Ed where part of the tire closest to the inside of the truck was not bad it was ready to blow!! The steel belting was showing. They offered to change it because they said we would not get more then 50km before it blew !!! Talk about somebody watching out for you.

We got to Jan and Pauls and Sadie walked in like it was her own place :-) Then Monty came out and wow he is even better looking in real life then in his photos. Ed wanted to take him home. He is so sweet. Well this was Monty's first breeding and he could not have had a better partner. Sadie is not shy !!! She was very encouraging to him. We got a good breeding and had two happy dogs.

Then Jan let out the rest of her gang and Sadie played with , Monty,Leisle,Hallie and Odin. We never heard or saw her lift her head all the way home lol

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