Friday, September 19, 2008

My trip to Germany to pick up a Leo puppy

I left Friday evening to fly to Hannover to pick up a pup for my friend Linda. Yes you read it right Germany and to pick up a pup but not for me . Yes I am a little on the crazy side.

My friend Nathalie who has the Kennel Member of The Leo gang had done a nice breeding with Stompa who is from Norway and is a gorgeous boy.His breeder Tone from Skaergardens Leonbergers is a friend of mine also. Nathalie was breeding her girl Tutti and I knew this would be a wonderful combination. Plus Nathalie does a lot of health testing on her dogs, Hips,elbows,eyes,heart,and Thyroid the same as we do here. Linda has gotten 2 Leonbergers from me and when she lost her Brody and just had Kenzie and Tanner left she wanted another little boy for Tanner to play with. She fell in love with the dogs who were having the pups so asked if I could go over and pick him up for her. Linda has always been so good to me so how could I possibly say no :-)

I was happy to go but it was going to be a quick trip because I have so much going on here. I left Friday night and was back in Toronto Tuesday night.

I met Nathalie at the Hannover Airport and we hurried back to her place to be there when the breed Warden checked the pups. For once he was early and also their was an accident on the Autobahn. Figures !!! He went over all the paperwork until we got there.
He went over every pup and checked their bites and size and made sure they were within the standard. Then he tattoed them. That took a couple of hours to get everything done. He was very happy with the way the litter looked .

I spent the rest of the day playing with pups and meeting the rest of Nathalies family. She lives with her dad ,mom and brother and the gang of leos she has. By that late after noon I was getting pretty tired. I had been up for 24 hours at this point. Nathalie and I were looking at pictures on the computer. I fell asleep in the chair and almost fell off of it lol. At that point it was time for a nap.

Felt much better after a nap and then sat and visited for a while longer and played with pups too.

Sunday Nathalie and I went to the Nature Park in their area. It is quite the tourist destination and has a fairly large lake . The lake is only 4ft deep !! There were still lots of sail boats and small motor boats on it though. Beautful area and we spent time looking around. we had taken percy with us. She is only 16 months old and very pretty.

Then comes Monday and time to get going with the pup. I was bringing home Mister black . He is the pup with the black ribbon !. We all liked him the best. Nice size great head and nice bone too. Plus he has such a sweet personality.

I put him in the Sherpa bag and off we go. He was such a trooper. No crying or complaining at all. We flew from Hannover to Frankfurt and that went really well. Then we had to leave for Chicago , yep Chicago did I mention this is where Linda lives. Before we boarded the plane I walked him around on the tarmac to see if he would pee. He finally did and I thought all the other passengers were going to clap and cheer for him lol. We got our picture taken by the plane too.

He slept the entire way on the plane. This little boy is an angel. Of course we were located in the back of the plane and when we landed were one of the last to get off. Which meant standing holding this 22lb pup for an hour waiting for our turn at customs. He was still so good and had not had a pee for about 10 hours.

When we got through customes we had to go to the health department area for them to check him and his papers. By the time they were finished we were the last ones there. Got my bag and went to see if Linda had a heart attack wondering where we were :-)

She was a little concerned lol but happy to see us. Jeff and Linda were very thirlled with their new little boy. We drove the hour to their place and he was so great. When we got ther he was able to meet his new brother and sister. Tanner and Mackenzie. They were not sure if they wanted a new brother and looked at Linda as if to say whose idea was this.

I went to bed and handed over the pup to Linda. It was ncie being the Grannie for him and saying ok he is yours for the night. He cried a little but was pretty good.

He played with the older dogs the next day and checked things out. Now it is time for me to continue with my trip.

We left for the airport and had made arrangements to meet up with another friend and Leo owner. Heidi lives towards the airport. She met us with Hugs and Eyyko and Hanne the Daschund. What a site they were with all their heads hanging out of the car windows.

Heide volunteered to take me the rest of the way to the airport. So we moved all my stuff to her car. We had a nice visit which made the time go by fast.

Finally on my way home to Toronto. Ed was there to meet me and said it felt like I was gone a month instead of 5 days. Nice to be missed :-)

We went to Scotts hockey game and then finally home !! My girls went crazy to see me. Heidi cried and cired and licked me. It is good to be home and to be loved. Now to get back to normal again. Damn cant remember what normal is. Hope you enjoyed the story and I will upload pictures soon

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