Thursday, November 29, 2012

Puppies 8 days old

Grandma Sadie and daddy Kramer find puppies in the house exhausting lol.

A big pile of puppies and this is only 7 of the 13


This picture shows how much shorter stubby's tail is the the rest. He will always be special to me. He is a big boy with a short tail. not bor that way but I pulled off part of his tail trying to get him out. He was stuck it was a life or death situation. If I did not get him out fadt he would have died and Emma would have eeded a C section. Happy to say the vet looked at it and fixed it up and he just has a shorter tail.

My escape artist already. She climbs out when it is not her turn and joins the other bunch for some food

Here she is making the big leap I brought i a bigger deaper container lol
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Anonymous said...

I imagine that Sadie and Kramer are not the only exhausted ones in the house. The puppies are wonderful. Hallie