Saturday, December 1, 2012

puppies day 12 and 13

Wow almost 2 weeks have gone by. 2 weeks ago tonight Emma went into labour and I have really not slept since !! Today they had their first nail trim. Poor Emma was getting scratched by 13 puppies as they nursed ! They lost a few ounces the first few days which is normal. It took them a while to put it back on with 13 puppies it is draining. I was supplementing the smaller ones wit raw goat milk and yogurt. They have all put back on what they lost and them some. I still have some smaller ones who are gaining steadily now. The smaller ones are 11/2 lb and the bigger ones are over 2 lbs.  I see little glimmers of eyes now to. So I expect some big eyes in the next couple of days:-)


There it is the Heronview tongue. Just wont fit in the mouth lol

Love this one

I wish I could be this relaxed
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