Monday, September 19, 2011

we are 1 week old

Green Boy 2lb 3oz

Yellow Girl 1lb 12 oz

Blue Boy 2lb 3oz

Orange Girl 2lb

Red Girl 1lb 8 oz

Fushia 2lb 3oz

Black boy 2lb 8 ozBeige

Beige Boy 2 lb

White Boy 2lb 3 oz

Purple boy 2lb 4oz

Brown Boy 2lb 8oz

Grey Boy 2lb

Yellow Girl 1lb 12 oz

Wow a week has passed already. As you can see they are growing ! I am surprised at how big they are considering there are 12 pups and we are not supplementing them. This is all Emma. What a girl. She is eating 5 - 6lbs of food a day right now and will probably incrase as they demand more. I am loving the snuggles :-)
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