Monday, September 12, 2011

Emma and Kramer puppies !

Kramer making sure the nursery is ok for his girl
Sadie laid with Emma while she was in labor , such a good mom

It was all to stressful for Kramer. He needed his sucky toy

First pup is a whopping boy at 1lb 8 oz  he was starving and had his paw in his mouth before he was completely born !

Born with the Heronview tongue 

 10 of the 12 pups . the last 2 were born later
A big pile of puppies

On Sunday September 11th Emma gave birth to 12 beautiful Leo puppies.  They are huge considering there are 12 of them.  We have 4 that were 1lb 8oz and 7 who are 1lb 4oz. One smaller girl of a pound. They are now 24 hrs old and already their collars feel a bit snug.  ! I have not weighed them because after being up more then 24 hours I dont think my eyes could focus on the scale.  I have them seperated into 2 groups of 6. Oh there are 6 boys and 6 girls !  Emma is a fabulous mom and thankfully here milk is already in and the pups are satisfied. Sadie so wants to help and I know she would try and nurse them. She lays beside the whelping box all the time.  I am sleeping (haha) in the whelping room with them and get up to switch them every hour.  
I took more pictures today and will update the blog as much as possible. So keep checking back for new pictures

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Beata said...
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Beata said...

I am so happy for Emma and Kramer, hugs to them both! The puppies are so adorable. Wish joy, happiness and health to the puppies and the new proud parents.

oceansedge said...


They look just FABULOUS!