Monday, October 27, 2008

Sadie only has 10 more days to go !!

Here is a picture of Sadie a little over a month ago

Sadie October 19th

Today October 27 looking a bit bigger.
We have approx 10 days to go. She will grow a lot more between now and then. She is starting to get uncomfortable now. She certainly has an appetite! Her favorite things to eat now are tongue and heart. She is not as excited about chicken and Turkey :-)
This week I will work on getting the whelping room set up. My little cot goes in there too. I will be sleeping with her and the pups for the first 3 weeks and longer if any of them need me.
For those of you who are waiting for a pup please start saving your newspapers for me. I do prefer the bigger papers like the star or globe :-) No need to save the ad's though :-)

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