Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leonbergers are perfect !!

Ok as a breeder I should not say that . This past weekend we had a large tour through our farm. We were part of Durham Regions Gates Open - Savour Durham .
Gates open

We were giving tours of our Alpaca Farm. People walked through our fields and met our Alpacas and miniature donkeys. Plus of course our Leonbergers. The Leos were fantastic. I even had pictures sent to me of the dogs !! Not the Alpacas , not the donkeys the Leos lol.

They were perfect and let so many kids hug them and pet them. They were the official greeters that day. I knew the dogs were wonderful but this reinforced every wonderful thing I thought about them. To see more about Durham Gates open and Heronview Alpacas please visit our Alpaca website
Heronview Alpacas

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