Sunday, November 25, 2012

puppy update

Well having 13 pups is keeping busy so not a lot of time to write.  Here are a few pictures from a couple of days ago. The first couple are of Emma and the 13 babies together. It is a puppy pile. Then one all snuggled in his bed waiting his turn for dinner. I have them seperated into two groups. they each get 45 mintutes with mom then I switch the groups. I do this 24 hrs a day. Sleep is a luxury right now lol.  I nap inbetween feedings for 20 min or so.   They have not done any real gaining this week. It took Emma a few days for her milk to come in and some pups lost a few oz. They are back up to their birth weights now so the weight gain begins  . Emma is a trooper. Poor thing has no free time at a. She gets 15 minutes an hour.  I will take more pictures today and post as soon as I can. They all look the same for now. Buts and nursing lol. 

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! Hallie