Sunday, October 2, 2011

puppy pictures What else

yummm a bone to chew and suck on

12 looks like a lot now !

Yep visitors love to snuggle

As you can see they are Growing ! I usually wait till they are 3 1/2 weeks to start feeding them. They started nursing more often and were taking a lot out of Emma. 12 mouths to feed is a lot. I started giving them a milk mixture on Thursday. goats milk , yogurt ,a bit of buttermilk and rice pablum to thicken it up . They love it and are sleeping and more satisfied so can go longer in beteen feedings. Today I added a bit of tripe. They are so sweet and snuggly. They are walking and playing. Soon they will have teeth ouch ! I am pleased that we already have a few over 5lbs. Surprised because there are so many of them.
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