Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer is finally here. Ok it is August but it finally feels like summer

We have beeen spending some time camping the past coupl of weeks. This past wek we took all 5 dogs. People looked at us like we were crazy. Ok I even thought that myself at one point :-)

The dogs were so good and such great ambassadors of the breed. They met everyone big and small. Had their pictures taken with many people. Swam swam and swam some more. Slept in the tent with us and were perfect on the boat ride. Would I do it again. YES !!!

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Zab said...

Hi Lori.
I always look at your leos and alpacas with wonder. What a nice mix of animals to keep. To reply to your title, I can tell you it's already Fall here in Quebec. The proof, four of my leos met a skunk two days ago. Imagine the mess of cleaning those dogs at night, under the cold pouring rain and the cold wind. Definitely Fall time.
Isabelle, Angeleo