Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is she ??? Yes she is !!!


Heidi has been confirmed pregnant. I thought I had blogged this but have been asked a few times if she is because nothing has been posted. I am excited and looking forward to seeing how beautiful these pups will be. Tanner and Heidi really compliment each other. Heidi is feeling well but I think she is wondering what the ehck is going on. I think she can feel the pups moving and she comes over to me in the middle of the night . She talks to me and whines so I think she needs out. She just wants me to hug her and snuggle :-)

So middle of may we should have some more little furkids. Oh boy a litter of pups along with two 6 months old pups ( will be when they are born) The other adults hopefully will keep them amused :-)
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justme said...

Congratulations Lori ! Looking forward to puppy pictures on the blog, it will hold me over - ours are due early in June.
Laura F.