Monday, March 16, 2009

Heidi and Tanner tie the knot

This past weekend I took Heidi to Meet with her boyfriend Tanner. Linda was nice enough to meet me 1/2 way in Michigan. Linda lives with Tanner in Illinois. Tanner is a son of my Hannah and Alou. He is a 5 year old gorgeous male :-)

He and Heidi had a blast playing but Tanner was not getting as sexualy aroused as he should have been. Hmm what is wrong is it her perfume !! I had done progesterone tests almost daily for the last week making sure we left at the right time. No worries I had made an appointment with Dr Carpenter at Family Friends vet clinic in Michigan. This was on my repro vets recomindation. What a wonderful vet and an amazing clinic. He did another progesterone test just to make sure. We also collected Tanner and checked his semen. Well he came into the room and said you got to see this. The view on the slide was filled with squirmy semen. they were excellent and raring to go lol. We did an AI and booked to come back again the next day

He made me feel good telling me Heidi was the nicest female leo he had seem :-) He also loved Tanner and thought they were a great combination. He is also a breeder of Bernese Mountain dogs.

We went home and went out for dinner. That night we took the pooches for a walk. W walked along saginaw hwy a busy street. Tannr started getting excited and wanting to mount Heidi. We were laughing and got them down a side street. We had to get them past the windows of Denny restaurant though. Just past the windows was a hedge and Tanner bred Heidi by lamp light between Dennys and McDonalds lol

The vet told me to keep the appointment unless we got another breeding in the morning. Took them to the fenced in grass area and let them go to play. We thought ok he is ready now she must really be peaking. Nothing not interested at all. Ok lets go for another walk

We started to walk and he got interested her again crossing a parking lot. Ok lets see where this goes. Nope he got on her and slid off . Lost interest. Off we go towards the hwy. See where I am going here !! We get almost to the hwy with the cars rushing past and he is excited again. Holy crap Tanner. So we get them down the side road a bit but now we are on the grassy area across from anothe rmotel. Yep he bred her there. Some guy comes out with his little dog who got away and ran towards us. He caught him intime which is good because a 3 ways was otu of the question.

So that was how the sex weekend went. Now comes the waiting game and we will know in a month. Cross your fingers for us.

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