Friday, February 13, 2009

Heidi passed

Heidi has the green light for breeding. She was x rayed and the vet said hips and elbows look great. So now we wait for the grading from OFA. Heidi has had her eyes checked, heart , thyroid and hips and elbows. Heidi looks great and has really filled out in the past couple of months. She weighs 120 lbs and is 28 1/2 inches tall. So a big girl.

I still have not decieded who to breed her too !

I am really happy to be able to breed her. She is such a nice sweet girl. Stay tuned to see who the lucky guy will be


Lynda said...

Scared the CRAP right outta me with your title "Heidi Passed".

That's great news, Lori - she's such an amazing girl - her pups would be so sweet!

tim07miles said...

Hi Lori sounds like great news all you have to find now is a 170lbs 30 plus inch male any volunteers!!Tim