Saturday, December 27, 2008

The count down is on until the pups leave !

How is it possible that 8 weeks have almost come and gone. My little babies have grown up enough to leave for their new homes. We have been busy getting ready. Angela came on the 26th to tattoo them . We use a pen to tattoo their bellies. It does nto hurt them but they hate to be held while she does it. My tattoo series is KCF everytime we have to remind outselves not to do KFC lol. This years letter is U so now my tattoos are. KCF U lol.

Today they had their shots. We just do parvo and distemper. Then later Betty McHugh came and did their puppy evaluations. Betty is an all breed judge and also does puppy evaluations. They are done with measurments. She was very impressed with these pups and said not only were they very stable in temperment but a really nice looking litter :-) I was only a little proud :-)

The first pup leaves on Monday. I will take lots of pictures of them between now and then. After they leave I hope their new moms and dads treat poor grannie with lots of pictures. Here are a few fun shots of them from yesterday

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Lynda said...

I'm going to miss them!! They are so much fun!!!!!