Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heidi is in Season

Heidi is in season. This is the first time I will be going through a girl in season without a boy in the house.  Bogie always let me know what was going on with the girls. Yes it was stressful keeping them apart but in the 10 years I owned both male and female I never had an accidental breeding. I questioned my sanity on way more then one occasion !!Heidi is only 18 months so a long time before she will be bred. Leonbergers are giant breed dogs and as such should not be bred before 2 years of age.  In fact we dont even do health clearances before them . We do OFA hips and Elbows after their secone birthday. OFA will not give you a rating before then.  We did do Heidi's Eyes and Heart already. I love this breed and will do all that I can to maintain their health and not breed to young or breed dogs with any known genetic problem. We do not breed out beautiful Savannah because her dad was diagnosed with Poly Nueropathy. She is fine as are all her siblings but why take a chance and add this gene to the line or have to hear the heartbreaking news of a pup coming down with this disease.  As breeders we try our best to make sure all with be well. As we know life soemtimes throws curve balls so you cannot always have things come out perfect. We have had cancer show up even with clear parents,grandparents and great grandparents.  Crap happens and we dont like it.All in all thankfully the Leonbergers are a healthy breed of dog. As long as breeders take things seriously hopefully we can keep it that way and enjoy a healthy breed for a long time.

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